Text in italics and green, are some of the articles that broadly apply to all customers.

A whole grain rye bread is NOT the same as a wholemeal bread
Read eg. Technology & Health
Whole grain rye bread contains wheat flour NOT ONLY rye flour, Whole grain bread contains whole wheat flour and a little rye flour. otherwise a lot of other whole grains.

Now that you have set yourself up as a member of The Danish Gold Baker, you can always change your personal information.
If you forget your login information, just click "Forgot password" on the login page.
Enter your e-mail, and you will immediately receive an email with your passwords.

Your Login Code is used when you want to order products, contact The Danish Gold Baker and change your personal information.

You can follow your purchase amount on your login page.

§ 3 If you choose not to be a member, deselect also the right of any. to complain.

We do not have trains or airplanes to and from Mukdaharn yet.
I have uploaded a shipping plan on my side when times are easy to grasp.

Payment and delivery:
When ordering, it is important that you read the document on "The Danish Gold Baker"
It is a document that appears only when ordering.
When I received your order, do I get an invoice which you must pay before I start on your order.
Payment takes place by bank transfer to my account in Bangkok Bank in Mukdaharn. Or by PayPal.
It appears all on the invoice.
§ 4a Be ordered, NOT from the e-shop, but by email, facebook chat or by telephone.
§ 4b will be charged 10 bt per. product when I do not have an item number to go by.

I do not want people to make their own rules about how I should make MY business.
§ 4b If you voters to pick up your order by yourself, and you are unable to attend the agreed date.
paid 25 bt per. Today, for stays of your goods in the freezer and refrigerator.

Remember when you order:
All product is NOT packaging.
There you just choose which package you want it packaged in.
Will not you do it, you get it sent in plastic bags.
This means that prices can be kept low AND there is no reason to buy new containers if the old can be refilled.
A so-called Refill system.

§ 6 When you order items from The Danish Gold Baker, the Customer is responsible for finding the right transportation.
the information is sent to The Danish Gold Baker along with the order.

Post Thailand do not accept shipments of liquids.
§ 1 Too much paid for transportation will be returned with the goods.

§ 6a
((sent pictures of the goods to the customers who have ordered the goods to be shipped.
It is the customer's responsibility to check the images BEFORE the deadline for the shipment.) Applies only to members)
Once the goods have left The Danish Gold Baker is all warranty lapsed.

§ 6a Thailand is not bigger that it is necessary with dry ice.
The customer will definitely use dry ice, it is the customer's responsibility to collect the goods in The Danish Gold Baker, and bring the dry ice is needed.
Must goods sent to Phuket or Chiang Mai, it is advisable to send them by plane, the shipping time is max 12½ hours.

Opening hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday: By appointment
Wednesday: By appointment
Thursday: By appointment
Friday: By appointment
Saturday - Sunday: By appointment

In addition, it must be said ...
§ 5 If you were going to Mukdaharn, and still comes over, I reject not people.
You just can not expect that there is something you can buy to take home.
But there can always make a cup of coffee or tea.
I also be helpful with your visa.
On my website there are all the documents you need for the visa and visarun.

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