Visum ikke aktiv uden medlemsskab


Unfortunately, the information is not publicly available.
There you must at least be a Bonus member..






Bonus Membership: 500 baht
VIP Membership: 1750 baht


Abonomentskrav A membership is free, BUT there are no additional services associated with it.
If you want access to more opportunities do;
Handle in Your Outdoor Kitchen for an annual minimum amount of 3000 baht.
otherwise can now pay an annual membership fee of 500 baht.

Want to pay for your membership, you will receive a mail manually shipped from PayPal with a link to the payment.
(You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay. The payment takes place online)
There will be sent a new collection for half a year. paid it will not automatically be announced.

To achieve VIP status, you must have a minimum annual purchases 10500 baht.
VIP is calculated on the day rounding your minimum purchase will be upgraded to VIP
otherwise can now pay an annual membership fee of 1750 baht.
Man Mister his VIP status, with immediate effect, if you try to cheat with his orders.